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a purposeful past

posted 2015-01-05 by Donna

What kind of perspective do you have on your past mistakes?

My former self used to spend a fair bit of time lamenting past actions with regret. I knew that the time we spend in this state and the impact on our sense of self is not helpful to continued growth and development. Your own perspective on who you are can play a big role in holding you back from contributing what you are best at in life and work.

Luckily, as with all things to do with your thinking, it is possible to make a change. All there is to do is to notice your thinking, and then choose a different point of view. Whenever you catch yourself dwelling on a past action with regret, turn your mind to what you learned from the action or situation, and how the learning could be applied as you move forward. If you find writing helpful, you can write down your thoughts about what you have learned and how it will be helpful for you now and in the future.

When I first started working on this change in thinking for myself, it was difficult and took a lot of effort. Now, however, I find that I am able to shift my thinking fairly easily.

Because we are human, we all still have our moments – when the mistake seems to be a particularly bad one, or if you are already feeling a bit low. But every time you are able to shift your thinking about a mistake, it helps make the next one easier to shift. And makes it easier to move forward with a clear mind and intention to keep the learning and discard the regret.